RGB Logic is a colo(u)rful Sudoku like game designed for iOS and Android. This tutorial will guide you through how to play it.

RGB Logic is really simple to play (but can be tricky to solve). Just tap or click on a square to change the colour. Tap again to go to next colour.

The fundamental rule of RGB logic is You must place one of each colour in every row and column. This holds for all puzzles (even the most complex).

You must also match the clues on the outside. The closest occupied square to the outside clues must match the colour of the clue. You should match downwards from the top, rightwards from the left and so on.

We'll start with the simplest possible puzzle. It is a 2x2 grid with 2 colours. As it is only 2x2 a solution will have all squares occupied. You just need to fill in the centre, matching the closed clues above, to the right, below and to the left of the play area.

The most simple puzzle

0 moves

This puzzle is 3x3 with 3 colours. Fill in one of each colour in every row and column. As there is a complete set of clues it is pretty simple. Just match the squares with the clues next to it.


0 moves

This puzzle is 3x3 but has only 2 colours. So one item in each row or column should be left blank. There is more than one valid solution.

3x3, 2 colours

0 moves

Let's make things more interesting. You now have fewer clues.

Getting more interesting

0 moves

Now let's make it bigger. There are 3 colours so one item in every row and column should be left blank.

4x4, 3 colours

0 moves

4x4, 3 colours, harder

0 moves

4x4, 4 colours

0 moves


Get RGB Logic for iOS and Android. It is free and comes with new puzzles every day. In the App puzzles go up to 7x7, introduce inactive squares and get much harder.


Please let others know about RGB Logic. It is fun and free. And might make you smarter. Thanks.

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